The Spanish Course

Spanish Courses in Spain

Tailored Spanish Courses

Our Spanish courses in Spain are 100% tailored to your needs. We offer Spanish courses for all levels, in small groups allowing us to focus on your individual needs and interests.

Beginners will learn Spanish for everyday situations whereas, in the more advanced courses, students become involved in selecting topics for discussion according to their individual needs and interests.

Our immersion Spanish courses take place in our home in Puente Viesgo, in the North coast of Spain, just 20 km. from Santander. Our Spanish courses take place in a family environment where apart from studying Spanish you will be able to blend into our lifestyle.

You will be sharing our family lifestyle, you will have meals with all the family, play with our twin daughters, help cooking, go to the supermarket or watch telly with us among other things. We will welcome you as another member of our family.

However, we speak fluent English so that you won’t ever feel isolated and you will have your own bedroom with en-suite bathroom to keep your privacy.

Would you like to have a Spanish course at your teacher’s family home?

Learn Spanish traditions.
Relaxed lessons ideal to learn Spanish
Having a lesson
in our patio?

Immerse yourself in Spanish after the lessons

You will keep learning Spanish and enjoying your time with our family with activities like “escanciar sidra”, cooking paella or tortilla española, having some drinks at local bars, eating out in brilliant restaurants, going to the nearby beaches, visiting the prehistoric caves in Puente Viesgo -UNESCO’s World Heritage Site- or just relaxing in Puente Viesgo spa, one of the most famous spas in Spain.

Evie cooking “tortilla de patatas” at home.
Enjoy one of the best spas in Spain

In this area, students will be able to practice Spanish outside the classroom – at local shops, cafes, walks, etc.- as not many people speaks English here. You can spend your free time enjoying one of the many walks that you can take from our doorstep or take one of our bikes and ride along the old railway track.

The oldest human paintings in the world.
Ride or walk on the Vía Verde.
Enjoy Puente Viesgo a great tourist destination.